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Specific Conditions & Situations


HelpGuide has written a guide to ADHD in adults, in which it describes symptoms and effects of ADHD, as well as what one can do for self-help. 


Drugs & Addiction

This mental illness guide by Drugwatch provides succinct descriptions of various mental illnesses, warning signs, treatments, and the side effects of some of drugs used as treatment.

Information on Specific Mental Health Conditions

Guides from Dr. Scott Siskind​: The Lorien Psychiatry Database provides an overview of different mental health conditions, medications, supplements, and lifestyle suggestions.



There is currently a lack of research on self-management practices for those who experience long COVID. As of January 22, 2022, the Therapies for Long COVID (TLC) Study (ISRCTN15674970) sets out to remedy this issue through conducting a survey among people who are experiencing long covid. For information on dealing with the effects of long COVID on one's mental health, check out this guide provided by Rethink Mental Illness.



Poly-friendly psychotherapists, worldwide


Those who have been in car accidents and are potentially experiencing PTSD might find this guide to PTSD and Car Accidents helpful.


Directory of bisexual support and community groups worldwide provided by the Bisexual Resource Center



We've written a list of sleep tips based on neuroscience research. They're available in a blog post here: 15 Tips for Better Sleep



The Mental Health Foundation (UK) has published a guide on managing and reducing stress.

Trouble sleeping or getting good quality sleep

Check out this list of tips for sleep and this Guide to good sleep whilst working from home by sleep medicine specialist Dimitri Gavriloff.

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