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Finding Care

This page is dedicated to resources concerning looking for care, better understanding what mental health resources are available, and getting an idea of where to begin on your mental health care journey. 

  • Not sure of where to begin? This Healthline article provides information on what types of mental health resources exist and what the respective role of each of those resources is. Though it is a US-centric article, the information provided could be relevant to anyone seeking a guide to what's out there.

  • Curious about but not sure about therapy? You might find this section of Psych Central's website helpful: Understanding Therapy

  • Looking to learn more about different types of therapy? This article by Overcoming provides descriptions of several therapeutic techniques and what they're used to treat.

  • Virtual Mental Health ResourcesWellness apps and online counseling sites. Several mental health apps offer free services. These are also all listed in our Resource Data Bank.

  • Guide to navigating inpatient psychiatric care (US) from Dr. Scott Siskind

  • Psychology Today's website provides a useful tool for searching for therapists (and in several countries outside of North America and Europe!).

Not sure where to start on your mental health journey?


We're currently working on a Mental Health Roadmap Series, through which we’ll introduce a way of thinking about one’s mental health journey and conceptualizing how to best place oneself on a mental health map.

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