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Data Bank Volunteering

About the Role

Our Data Bank volunteers are helping us build the largest repository of mental health resources in the world. Their tasks involve finding and validating mental health resources (everything from apps to community centres) through our quality control process, to ensure that we are recommending high quality mental health resources to anyone who accesses our data bank.

Desired Qualities

We look for volunteers who are knowledgeable about mental health resources in their respective localities and would like to add what they know to our data bank, as well as those who are open to networking to find more mental health resources for the data bank. The time commitment for this role is a minimum of 4 hours per month. Benefits include working on networking skills and learning more about mental health resources around the world. We look for volunteers who are personable, detail-oriented, and responsive for this role.


Please download and complete the application packet below to apply to volunteer with MentNav.

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